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8/17/04 - Yes the Gingery Shaper project is still on hold.  But as you can see I have found this nice AMMCO shaper.  I am told they were made by Delta so the search is on for documentation.  I have yet to pick it up so dont know the full extent of its condition.  I have been told it runs wellwith a little slop in the cross feed assembly but the table runs smooth.  It will get a full restoration so stay tuned as I go along.

3/23/06 - I have PDF copies of the manuals for this machine.  Both color and black/white.  Both information and instruction manuals.  I have both the AMMCO and under the Delta / Milwaukee name.  They are quite large and I don't currently have space on this site to store them.  If you would like copies let me know and I will send them to your email account.  Please make sure you can receive 20meg files in a single message and your spam blocker will accept my mail.  You will get 6 messages with a file attached to each message.  Unless you tell me which files you want.  I could also send them on CD for a few dollars to cover shipping. 

8/25/07 - I have gotten several requests for these files.  At this time I have uploaded two of them.  PLEASE dont try to open them directly they will most likely not work.  Just right click and save as to your local computer.  Then open them.  I will be prepping a CD with ALL the files and a pile of shaper related info (using setup, ect...)  I will be offering soon.  Nothing fancy and I dont plan to make a living off of it.  Just cover costs.

12/09/07 - I ran across what I think is the link for the originals of these files.  They all appear to be there  You can download them from this link.  I am also still willing to send them on CD for those with a slow connection.


Some additional Ammco shaper info  http://www.janellestudio.com/metal/#metalshapers

From Lathes.co.uk site  http://www.lathes.co.uk/ammco/index.html

The Yahoo Metal Shapers group  http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/Metal_Shapers/

3/23/06 - Below is a pic of the current state of this project. The shaper has been completely stripped.  It was a good thing.  It had not been cleaned in years and was full of sludge.  The Yoke adjustment was jammed. I found the dovetail had been warped from over tightening.   Some careful clean up with a file and fine sand paper fixed that problem.  The pivot for the clapper was also stuck.  I couldn't adjust the angle for anything.  I finally had to beat it out from inside the ram.  I don't know why but the stud was larger than the hole in the ram casting.  I used a cylinder hone to clean up the ram and fine paper to polish the stud until I got a god tight slip fit.  I also replaced the jib screws with socket head screws.  This makes it much easier to adjust.  

I did not get a door.  Plan is to make an aluminum casting replacement.  More to complete the machine than need.  Now if I can only find a nice copy of the original graphic??  Anybody ??

I had to replace the counter shaft because the old shaft was badly worn.  I also had to fix the pulley shaft in the shaper for the same reason.  The original GE motor was cleaned up for paint.  When I took it apart I found it was in poor condition.  When I put it back together it made more sparks then power.  :(  Repair cost to high so a replacement is being sourced.

I was fortunate enough to get a vice.  It has little damage and cleaned up pretty well.  No it is not for sale :)  but I will take measurements and more pics if some one needs them.  I did not get any of the accessories listed in the catalog.  I want to reproduce them when I get a chance.  

12/9/07- The stand.  I don't have any room on a bench to mount the machine.  I do have a nice pile of Oak that will become a duplicate of the original stand.  The original was Maple but the Oak should do fine.  Parts are cut.  Waiting assembly.  Its cold in the wood shop waiting for some warmer days.  No motor has fallen in my lap.  :(   Have several but they are all large and dont fit the motor mount well.  I want to use the original mount and guards.  Will keep searching.

5/20/08  - Some pics of the finished stand.  It's not an exact duplicate of the original.  I have added a second smaller drawer.  This drawer should be large enough to store the tooling for the machine.

front view  Doors open Back side view




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